94 Percent Game Answers Level 126 127 128 129 130

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I just got new update for 94% game now we can play level 125 to 130 with this question : A luxury brand, natural disaster’s, Girl running picture, Disneyland, It’s salty, Man waiting at laundry, Unit of measurement, France, book shelf picture, Hot countries, Taxi, Hand with blue gloves picture, It used to be fashionable, Sales, Girl boxer picture. Now I want to share the cheats and answers, This game available for android and iOS and this post created for gamer who play using android, because I know that the 94% for iOS now have 130 level and some question are similar with the android version but the level completely different so if you use this 94% game answers for the iPhone and ipad then you must find the solutions by it’s question, still useful for both device.


A luxury brand : Louis Vuitton, Coach, Rolex, Prada, Chanel, Guccinatural disaster’s : Tornado, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, Flood, Volcano, Fire

Girl running picture : Run, Grass, Fit, Woman


Disneyland : Mickey Mouse, Rides, Fun, California, Castle, PrincessIt’s salty : Chips, Ocean, Pretzels, Fries, Popcorn, Crackers, Peanuts, Fish

Man waiting at laundry : Man, Laundry, Waiting, Washer, Blue


Unit of measurement : Inch, Foot, Meter, Centimeter, Yard, Mile, Pound, Cup, OunceFrance : Paris, Eiffel Tower, Love, Baguette, Europe, Wine, Cheese

book shelf picture : Books, Library, Shelves, Read


Hot countries : Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, India, Iraq, Iran, Saudi ArabiaTaxi : Yellow, Money, Car, Driver, cab, city

Hand with blue gloves picture : Doctor, Gloves, Test, Numbers, Arm, Allergies


It used to be fashionable : Bell bottoms, Big hair, Leg warmers, Overalls, Scrunchies, Mullets, Shoulder padsSales : Money, Store, Clothes, Cheap, Shopping, Discount, Bargain

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Girl boxer picture : Boxing, Red, Wrap, Fight, Woman

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