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Pic combo is word game look alike 4 pics 1 word but the differences is you must combines two object name inside the picture into a new name, for example if there’s blind man picture and calendar then the answers might be blind date, simple right? for gamer which love word game i suggest you try this game because this is new game concept related with word.


Level 1


Level 2

pic-combo-level-3-2396487 pic-combo-level-3-a-8466055

Level 3

pic-combo-level-4-9760375 pic-combo-level-4-a-1735120

Level 4

pic-combo-level-5-1998155 pic-combo-level-5-a-3533490

Level 5

pic-combo-level-6-6984390 pic-combo-level-6-a-3446683

Level 6

pic-combo-level-7-6852074 pic-combo-level-7-a-8642901 pic-combo-level-7-b-4416056

Level 7

Pic combo answers is available for android and ios ( iphone, ipad, ipod ) if you can’t guess the answers and hard to get solutions you can ask at our Facebook page, with the preview attached, pic combo level 8 available to play in iOS but we need more time to solve all the question and post it here :D.

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