100 Crypts Walkthrough Level 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Update new 100 crypts walkthrough to help you if have difficulties to complete some level in this game, we found that in some device which have low screen resolution will having trouble to solve level 19, because you can see clue correctly but you can use this preview to pass level 19 and other level.

Level 16: slide A snake to the A basket and B snake to B basket.

Level 17: Arrange all object beside door, see example above.

Level 18: use green red yellow button to fix the clock, preview above is the correct position.

Level 19: tap circle to rotate, top left 5, bottom left 3, middle 1, top right 2, bottom right 8.

Level 20: assemble the skeleton parts to the correct location, above preview is the correct position.

Level 21: tap each block to complete this puzzle, this preview is the completed puzzle.

Level 22: shake your phone until crystal ball drop, pick up key and use it to open door.

Level 23: tap wooden blocks to move it up, when it’s up slide down quickly. we need to try several times until succeeded.

Level 24: turn switch on start from 1 to 4 and the other must be off.

Level 25: lit candles which have red circled.


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