100 Doors RUNAWAY Walkthrough for Android

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Did you miss with doors game? this is it now we create 100 doors runaway walkthrough this game created by gipnetix games which also develop doors of revenge and 100 doors 2013 those game already very famous at the iOS and Android platform. At this first launching this game available with 40 level the developer promises in this game will be no more difficult math puzzle.

level 1: slide buttonlevel 2: move weights scale to the circlelevel 3: tap each wheel to change direction same with above
level 4: door number multiply with 255 = 1020level 5: slide round object to left, square to to rightlevel 6: tap red button to change position similar with above
level 7: pick up hammer then use it to hit bell, start from 1 to 5level 8: start from 2 follow line if left to right add 1 and right to left add 2level 9: to make it balance left 12T right 12T
level 10: clock 20:15 use this number at lock padlevel 11: pick up ball insert into hole, then tilt phone to move ball until hit button behind aquariumlevel 12: move object same with preview above
level 13: tap object start from large to small or 1 to 6level 14: tap number that if you add up result = 10, example tap 2 2 2 4, then tap lever try other number until door openlevel 15: pick up hammer, use to hit red button and count how many times you hit until painting move. 4257 use at lock pad
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level 16: move crystal ball to top left and stick on the wall, hold stick until key appear from bucket. use to open doorlevel 17: move bear under tree then shake phone.level 18: tap  AD-BE-ABCDEF-ACDF
level 19: pick up stick tap cog wheel to open doorlevel 20: count vertex in each shape. use 4343074 at lock padlevel 21: slide heavier object lower
level 22: move box to the middle then touch water tap until box hit buttonlevel 23: pick up cogs wheel then put on axle, set direction same with abovelevel 24: shake phone then pick up ball and use it to break glass, pick up fragment and put on the door
level 25: slide door follow arrow directionlevel 26: count each object legslevel 27: move circle 2 line at number 1, 3 line at number 2, 4 line at top shelf see preview.
level 28: find the letters PASSWORDlevel 29: tilt phone upside down or left right to make ball touch button BD-AC-A-Dlevel 30: tap turn saw then use it to remove lance then tap saw to make it stop.
level 31: tap switch pick up spray paint use it above door, turn off switch to see number 7539, use this number to openlevel 32: move pillow same with preview then use mask to scare hen A-B-CC-B-AA-Blevel 33: count it x = 7, y = 49, z = 100 – 49+7, the answers is xyz = 74944.
level 34: pick up hammer, brush, and bucket. break using hammer then fill with cement and paint it follow above diagramlevel 35: pick up pliers tap right box, cut all wire except red then turn on switch, cut all wire except blue and turn on switch, reconnect all wire then turn on switchlevel 36: tap and hold wheel use other finger to pick up key
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level 37: move middle cog to A one time, move middle cog to B three times, move middle cog to D four times, move middle cog to C five timeslevel 38: count bulb, bottle, and door
the answers is 999991 use this code to open door
level 39: pick up bottle from trash fill with water put inside white box then put at stone, repeat it until you found a key
level 40: move circle/ball to make square, triangle, diamond, and short triangle, see preview above.

100 doors runaway walkthrough level 1 to 40 completed, if you like this page please share this solutions / cheats with your friend using facebook and twitter.

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