100 Floors World Tour Walkthrough UK Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Tobi Apps just create a new games 100 floors world tour and we already play UK set level 1 to 10 and now you can use our screenshot as a walkthrough to complete this game when you cannot found a solutions. 100 floors world tour created with good navigation and design four country available in this game US, UK, Egypt, Japan. All country available to play and contains 10 level. Below guide to win UK level.


level 1: set clock to 12:25 then 10:30 then 02:15 no clues found just trial and error.

level 2: tilt phone then tap apple make it hit target one by one.

level 3: tap secret hole on top, pick up sword then use it to cut rope, then tilt phone left and right to move body armor until it hit mirror, then tap red button.

level 4: tap cup then pick up ball and put at labyrinth, now tilt your phone to make ball move into the hole.

level 5: use sword to cut chain then tap handle, pick up bow then use it to shoot chains above door.

level 6: move hat then pick up pipe and magnifying glass and use it at small text above door, there’s a code empty space is the number then sum 4107+5420 = 9527 tap this number on the door then tap enter.

level 7: use sword to move painting then use magnifying glass at hole behind painting, put pipe on beam to make it burn then use on the eye, tap green button quickly.

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level 8: tap switch (top right), then shake phone ( cat moving ) turn light on when cat at 2 green button.

level 9: tap green button then quickly kick ball up make it in to the hole.

level 10: tap square from 1 to 5 to make the painting at middle row.

Next level we will create 100 floors world tour for Egypt level so bookmark this website and share with other player, so you can solve this game together without using a walkthrough or cheats like posted above.

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