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This is 100 gates walkthrough for last 10 level, we hasn’t create the lower level because this game become a little bit difficult start from level 31, you can use this walkthrough or may be cheats to solve level that makes you confuse and stuck. 100 gates available for free at Google Play market, some device can’t use to play this game because less compability but we use Galaxy s5570 and several times this game stop and must be restarted.


Level 31: count each cog wheel rotation stop when it’s reverse, answer is 4369.


Level 32: you must complete this mona lisa puzzle, must be passion to complete this level, out tips is start from the left part.


Level 33: you must fix this globe map by pressing the button, to move red part you must tap when button color changed to red, out tips is start with blue part, it’s become easier when we set the blue, red, yellow then green.


Level 34: see clue on the floor, set wheel position same with preview above.


Level 35: shake your phone first then tap top left skull 8 times, bottom left 9 times, and bottom right 2 times.


Level 36: total key number which shown on the wall see result above, move the key from floor to the door.


Level 37: shake your phone, tap bottom right stick when the top stick point at 2 o’clock then shake your phone to move bottom left stick, when all stick touch white dots tap the middle circle. we try this several time until success ?

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Level 38: see the clue on the floor, tap circle to make bottom and top circle facing, see preview above.


Level 39: move the apple 24+8, 3*3, 89-86, 12+16, 41-12, 70-60 to the right panel and the rest on the left just like preview above.


Level 40: tap to rotate each circle and match with preview above.

100 gates will be update soon, developer will be add new level in next update just open your Google play market apps to see if the update available in next few days.