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Gipnetix game just launched a new game named 100 Doors of Revenge, this is the sequel of 100 doors 2013 that has been stop because too many error and some level is impossible to solve by ‘usual gamer’ and now gipnetix decided to create new game rather than continue developing that game. To help player solve this game we already create 100 doors of revenge walkthrough, so check this out.


Level 1: tap green button.


Level 2: tap 2 button at same time, will be easier if you tilt phone upside down.


Level 3: slide your finger on the line.


Level 4: shoot target using arrow start from blue, red, blue, green, red, green, tap bow to change direction.


Level 5: insert number 5452323 into lock pad.


Level 6: tilt phone upside down to move ball up.


Level 7: shake your phone until vase drop, then pick up key and use it to open door.


Level 8: hold your thumb on the hand until all circle green.


Level 9: arrange by total tire: bus 6, car 4, bicycle 2, boat 0.


Level 10: pick up bucket, then slide cart until hit hydrants, use bucket to pick up water then put water into tube to make key float, pick up key and use it open door.


Level 11: pick up all puppet using pulley and drop it on the hole including a key.


Level 12: connect all button using 3 yoyo, see preview above (put yoyo between the 2 button (bottom left button).


Level 13: slide symbol to make word KEY, see preview above.

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Level 14: pick up hammer and arrow, hit dragon using hammer then hit using arrow quickly when it awake, use hammer to hit top right wall.


Level 15: pick up wire, c4, and bom trigger, put c4 on the door and put trigger and wire on the floor then tap trigger.

Thank you for playing 100 doors of revenge, if you or your friends having difficulties, bug, or help please visit our facebook page and we will help you to find solution.

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