100 Doors walkthrough level 54 to level 60

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100 doors just updated two days a go and now you can continue play next six level, to play 100 doors without walkthrough is not easy, you must find the clue around the door after found a clue you must process it into a solution to open all 100 door. if you want to pass level 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 faster you can follow our 100 doors walkthrough.


100 Doors walkthrough level 54:to pass this level you must tap on the star until the direction like preview above.


100 Doors walkthrough level 55: to pass this level tap cat, dog, snake, eagle, elephant, mouse


100 Doors walkthrough level 56: to pass this level plug the spark plug at top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right.


100 Doors walkthrough level 57: Drag circle follow the red arrow then tap this number 5 3 9 7


100 Doors walkthrough level 58: tap the bucket keep it, tap bucket then tap hydrant after the bucket filled with water use it on on fire door.


100 Doors walkthrough level 59: tap the blue stone, tap white paper, tap the brown stone 3 times (bottom left)


100 Doors walkthrough level 60: tap this number 132211, the clue is object shown on the door except crossed object.

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