100 Doors level 41 to level 53 Walkthrough

Still with 100 doors update walkthrough, this game just updated few days a go so we update more walkthrough level to help you finish this game easier.  not all gamer likes walkthrough or cheats, but sometimes when we stuck to solve 1 level we can’t continue to higher level so use this walkthrough when you stuck.

100 Doors level 41
To make 1 small square and 1 bigger square. tap at number 1 to 6
100 Doors level 42
Tap the weapon start from 1 to 10
100 Doors level 43
substitute the the position see the sample above
100 Doors level 44
makes trolley hit top right button,  hit bottom left, hit bottom right, hit top left button
100 Doors level 45
Tap symbol on left and right door, until like the example above.
100 Doors level 46
tap circle start from number 1 to 5


100 Doors level 47
You must win this chess game so tap this position: A1, F1, D2, C8, E7
100 Doors level 48
tap triangle on door make it show 10, and make square showing 23.
100 Doors level 49
tap symbol start from sun, chair, mountains, the II, triangle and building

100 Doors level 50
tap this picture to win level 50
moon,genie bottle, tree, black hat and wand, night, Mars


100 Doors level 51
Tap 1, 2,  red button
Tap 2, 3, 1, red button
Tap 1, 2, 3, red button
Tap green arrow
100 Doors level 52   
Tap fire, banana, banana, coconut, coconut
100 Doors level 53
set the flag follow the wind direction, see sample above.

This all 100 doors nivel walkthrough from level 41 to 53, if you think this walkthrough useful please bookmark this website to get update.

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