Pics and Words – 4 Images 1 Word Answer

Redfish has develop an amazing games named pics and word this game look similar with the 4 pics 1 word but have different puzzles, this free game available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch, you can download this game directly from Itunes. We already create pics and word answers to help you solve this game when you can’t get the right word we hope this could help you continue to play this game.

level 1: cat level 2: bag level 3 a: Ice Skating shoes, ice
level 3 b: bean, peas level 4 a: barbell, muscle man level 4 b: dog, girl, shoes, track
level 5 a: gun level 5 b: ink level 6 a: stone, leaf, book, tea
level 6 b: can level 7 a: gull, clam, turtle level 7 b: kick, saxophone,
level 8 a: guitar, headphone, notes level 8 b: star, dice, stats level 9 a: karate, ship, tape, target
level 9 b: drop, pool, waterfall level 10 a: case, control tower, carabineer level 10 b: woman, fox, type writer, present
level 11 a: comb, hair dryer, cap level  11 b: sailing, web address, wave, sunset level 12 a: road, earth, map, sign
level 12 a: worker, girl scream, speaker, microphone level 13 a: truck, school bus, ship, fighter jet level 13 b: fan
level 14 a: bird, sea gull, level  14 b: earth, soil, dinosaur, vortex level 15 a: grass rolls, drawing pencil, coins, box
level 15 b: value, ruler, way, fence level 16 a: airport, station, level 16 b: sneezing, chimney, syrup,
level 17 a: painting, statue, doll level 17 b: omelet, coffee, salad level 18 a: beach, dragon fruit, water fall, palm
level 18 b: sky, white paper, glass, sun level 19 a: cup level 19 b: tank



level 20 a: nurse, operator, spanner, navy level 20 b: wrapping aluminum, cake, level 20 c: meat, fist, wood, knee


Pics & word game still have a lot puzzles to play but our solution only available for 20 level, but we will update this answers in next few days. Please share this page if you think this is useful.

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