Little Riddles Answers Level 451 – 499 for iOS and Android

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Hello now we back again with a little riddles answers for level 451 to 499 in this game sometimes we found a difficult level at the beginning but easier at higher level, this make us very challenged to find the answers for each level so this post can help you solve several questions.


level 451: Micro parasites expert at sucking the blood of mammals and birds : flea
level 452: George J. Jetson and Neil A. Armstrong drove this to work : spaceship
level 453: You’re gonna need a bigger boat to go after one of these toothy hunters : sharks
level 454: In the 1800’s these turned women into hourglasses : corset
level 455: When this is found in a road you are forced to make a decision : fork
level 456: A white horned symbol of purity and grace : unicorn
level 457: Real estate for toys : dollhouse
level 458: For all your post bubble-bath drying needs : towel
level 459: A famous home without color and with wings : whitehouse
level 460: John Lennon sang about being this toothy creature : walrus
level 461: A cuisine without flesh : vegetarian
level 462: Useful term for when you need to start a fire or notice someone with the same shirt as you : match
level 463: Describes a mysterious region and a stylish pair of shorts : bermuda
level 464: When your undies attack you : wedgie
level 465: Ketchup’s slighly less popular brother : mustard
level 466: When a professor’s brain goes missing : absent
level 467: Pirates put their booty in it : chest
level 468: Tax-rates occasionally take these nature strolls : hike
level 469: Describes an era of history during which light was hard to come by : darkages
level 470: The assumed nocturnal symbol of Mr. Wayne : bat
level 471: A popular Hip Hop artist goes by the Vanilla version of this substance : ice
level 472: When 12 of your peers can’t agree : hungjury
level 473: Defends your noggin from the hard pavement : helmet
level 474: A drinkable phase of matter : liquid
level 475: Prior to smart phones, people used this to record their lives : camcorder
level 476: Taking this from a baby is said to be quite easy : candy
level 477: If you drive on this, pedestrians and the police will be pretty upset with you : sidewalk
level 478: Be kind please rewind : vcr
level 479: Plastic money : creditcard
level 480: A pet who lived in a town where an inordinate number of children fell down wells : lassie
level 481: Those without much of an appetite will leave the restaurant with this item named after a pet : doggybag
level 482: This plant is responsible for spreading a lot of gossip : grapevine
level 483: The most foreign visitors you could imagine : alien
level 484: Basically a cake made of cow : meatloaf
level 485: Transportation of choice for princesses to attend balls : carriage
level 486: You feel this sensation when you are dehydrated : thirsty
level 487: Known to accessorize with feathers, trumpets, and harps : angel
level 488: An arctic double breasted formal wear : snowsuit
level 489: Sugar on a stick. The kids love licking them : lollipop
level 490: According to many students, dogs have an appetite for this paper item : homework
level 491: Spys do this phones and musical shoes make this sound : tap
level 492: Kids hunt for them and adults make sure they are not all in one basket : eggs
level 493: When life gives you these, make a refreshing beverage : lemons
level 494: When something has been cut with h2o : diluted
level 495: Some are clean and some are dirty, but all are meant to get a chuckle : joke
level 496: Crisp, green, and found near deli sandwiches : pickle
level 497: Salivating at the mention of a cheeseburger is this kind of response : pavlovian
level 498: Currency that flirted with a British spy : moneypenny
level 499: You throw away the outside and cook the inside. You then eat the outside and throw away the inside : corn

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All little riddles answers completed, please wait for the new update or you can try the other riddles version that available at Google play market then you can share the solutions at our facebook page.