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In this global era when telecommunication become more and more important all over the world, the telecommunication company already fighting each other to gain more customer and finding a new way to expanding their market and grow their market share in the industry. From the example like T mobile, metropcs, AT&T, or Verizon, all of them competing with each other to attract more customer. From 3G, 4G, or wireless services all of the companies trying to find a way on how to provide the best coverage possible to make the customers turn their heads on them. That is why for this company it is growing to be more important to understand the market, including the smart phones producers.

    Two biggest smart phones producers in the market are undoubtly apple and Samsung. Apple with iPhone that comes in iOS and Samsung with various Samsung galaxy that comes in android operating system. Smartphone’s have take over the market and become the new big thing in the industry. That is why nowadays if we are looking at various mobile operators like T mobile they offer product like android phones to sell. T mobile is a German based company that have various subsidiaries all over the world. They operates in UMTS, GSM, and LTE-based cellular network in Europe and US.

    T mobile is currently one of the market leader by being the world third biggest mobile phone services provider in telecommunication industry. As one of the biggest mobile operators that operates in 11 European countries for now, the growing competition between smart phones is being on their concern. To catch up with the market T mobile provide various android based operating system and already offering various T mobile android phone. They provide some T mobile android phone on their sites from producers like Samsung with various Samsung Galaxy type, HTC, and others.

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