GTA 5 Car Vanishing / Disappear Problem

02.07.2020 Off By admin

A new bug/glitch has been found on GTA 5, so many player has a complain about this matter, when you take a mission that requires you to get out from your car or to do something on foot, bike, or another car, your car will be disappear and will not be there when you back.


Image credit : GTA 5

This problem also happen when you exit from car and walk few step away from the car, it’s happen when you stopped on along the beach to check out jet ski or boat that docked. This also happen when a player try to load boat on to trailer or hauler at the lake.

To avoid car disappear / vanishing tips: 1. try to find nearest parking lot along the side roads or park your car at realistically feasible parking space

2. since you could drive a car as franklin and park nearby, then change characters during the mission that require you to get out from car.

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