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Escape 2048 walkthrough for level 1 to 10 puzzle game by Goblin LLC, this time you must escape from a space ship some tool used in this game are very futuristic, every level only has single room so it won’t be difficult to find an object inside the room, just touch every  suspicious thing if you want to escape from every room, I’m already solve 10 level and still consider to buy other level, as we know this game has 10 free to play and 5 paid level, if you like the game please consider to buy the complete pack and share the result here.


Escape 2048 level 1.1. pick up card2. insert card3. see the number 3159 all number minus 1 = 20484. pick up crowbar / pipe5. insert number 2048

6. use pipe to open door


Escape 2048 level 2.1. pick up coin behind lemon2. insert coin then tap blue, yellow, green, orange. pick up hammer3. use hammer to break, pick up card

4. use card to open door


Escape 2048 level 3.1. pick up syringe2. use 1st syringe to get water3. use 2nd syringe to get green liquid4. put 2nd syringe at microscope, see number 27355. insert number 27356. pick up hook7. use 1st syringe here

8. use hook to open door


Escape 2048 level 41. pick up wheel2. pick up glue gun3. use glue gun to seal pipe4. put wheel then turn it5. tap redirect fuel then fix pipe direction

6. door opened


Escape 2048 level 51. pick up disc2. pick up round handle3. use round handle to get magnet4. use magnet to open vent, connect cable5. insert disc, wait the light sequence then tap light same with sequence

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6. tap teleport


Escape 2048 level 6.1. pick up spiral light / fuse2. insert fuse3. move abcd to right column4. pick up card and 2nd fuse5. move abcd to left column, insert card

6. door open


Escape 2048 level 7.1. pick up laser light2. pick up USB stick3. plug USB into computer4. remember number in the red circle 27348, then use to login at computer find the similar shape to get number 5499

5. open door using code 5499


Escape 2048 level 8.1. pick up cable heater2. pick up pliers3. turn off electricity4. cut wire using pliers5. pick up black wire, connect black wire with blue wire, use cable heater in each side6. turn on electricity

7. tap computer, make all symbol into same direction: 2B 2C 2A 3A 2B, tap down arrow, tap ladder


Escape 2048 level 9.1. pick up yellow & red stick2. pick up blue & black stick3. put yellow & red stick above machine, see clue + – – + – (reverse minus to plus) – + + – + use this code at blue stick4. use blue stick to make hole, pick USB stick

5. insert USB into computer (left hole) choose shutters > open, move USB stick to right hole choose elevator > open


Escape 2048 level 10.1. pick up disc2. pick up screen3. insert disc4. put screen here5. 486. 207. move to 6052.2048 (snap)8. change signal to red, green, blue, yellow, purple9. send signal

10. door open

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