Escape Joy 270 Walkthrough

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Escape joy 270 or cute interior house escape walkthrough would help a player that having difficulties to complete this short puzzle game. I found many game created by joy arrows simple and fun but it’s only available for android, but somehow maybe this developer will create multiplatform games which can be played in other mobile operating system like iOS, blackberry or windows mobile.


1. pick up key and coin2. pick up 1st map3. rearrange the jigsaw and pick up coin4. pick up 2nd map5. pick up 3rd map6. use key to open and pick up coin7. pick up 4th map8. put coin and see code9. insert code and get a key10. insert coin and see code11. insert code and get 5th map12. insert coin and see code13. insert code and get 6th map14a. use key and get 7th map14b. turn on lamp and see clue15. use clue in the mirror and get a coin16. insert coin and see a code17. insert code and get 8th map18. put all map and get a key door


1. pick up 1st coin2. pick up 2nd coin3. pick up 3rd coin4. see clue for purple red green5. insert number in purple red green6. pick up 6th coin7. put all coin and get a key

8. open door.

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