Best and Addicting Game for Ipad

For many people who likes riddle or quizes, games like puzzle can be very entertaining for them. Because puzzle challenge your mind and your creativity in arranging the separated pieces into one shape. The process of solving a puzzle can be a good way to train and keep your brain in a good shape and remain it’s sharpness. Even though it is one good way to exercise your brain, sometimes the process of solving a puzzle in a game can be pretty demanding and time consuming. But it is the challenge right ? So, in order to fulfill the need of all of you puzzle lover out there, through this article we would like to introduce you to our list of the best puzzle game for iPad out there. So, if you are a puzzle freak, make sure that you won’t miss our list of the best puzzle game for iPad. Here we go !

    First, we would like to introduce you to the World of Goo in our list of the best puzzle game for ipad. World of goo is definitely one of the best puzzle game for ipad that we’ve known based on our preference. World of goo is a really challenging and interesting game that have a unique game play where you need to guide a ball and set the way of the ball. The sound, game play, and interesting graphics make this game a pleasure and very fun to play on your ipad whenever you are bored. You can purchase this game by spending $3.99, which is really worth considering the “fun” that this game brings.

    And the next thing in our list is none other than the classic sudoku ! I believe that there are many sudoku enthusiasts out there, and the fun thing by installing this game on your ipad is you do not need pen and paper anymore for solving the Sudoku puzzles, and the most brilliant thing is you only need to spend around $0.99 to get this game. Definetely a good purchase for any sudoku enthusiasts ! Our other notable mentions of the best puzzle game for ipad including  Mystic Glyph, Cut the Rope, Sokoban Pushbox, Moxie 2, and the Rise of Atlantics.

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