Need a Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough? This is it

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Resident Evil 6, the new game-themed action against deadly viruses that make people into zombies is not half-hearted.
After the routine shows the various trailers and images in the game, Capcom has now launched a campaign as the manufacturers contain the virus epidemic scenarios in the real world.

The first comes from the campaign website address at Through the website reported on the spread of the epidemic C-virus, a biological weapon designed to turn people into flesh-eating zombies. Even this website also provides an opportunity for readers to cast a farewell to her family through a form of video and audio files.

More than that, the website also provides information on the spread of viruses in real time on a map of the world, including Asian countries affected by the virus. The victim in the Americas and Europe has reached thousands. Funny thing is, the spread comes from the method Twitter. The more people who tweeted via address, the greater the spread in areas where people are living!


resident evil 6 walkthrough

If you have purchased the  resident evil 6 game and hard to complete a difficult mission, we found a  resident evil 6 walkthrough in a video of course this is a solution to find out how to complete each challenge at Resident Evil 6

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