Logo Quiz Close Up Answers Level 1 2

We just completed creating new addicting game named logo quiz close up answers for level 1 and 2 each level contains 20 stage, this game only available for iOS so this game only playable on ipad, iphone and ipod touch. We though we can easily complete this game but that’s wrong this game little bit hard because all logo zoomed more than 4x, but don’t worry use this solutions if you stuck at some stage.

Level 1


kellogs ford redbull guinness
heinz chupachups lego levis
easports ibm subway fila
fedex dreamworks rolex calvinklein
apple youtube burgerking 7up

Level 2


harleydavidson lamborghini renault ing
philips goodyear mini saab
chevron wella bestbuy hallmark
hoover alfaromeo pontiac cadillac
rover jcb schweppes tictac

logo quiz close up cheats level 1 and 2 completed, now we will continue play level 3 – 4 and posted here when it’s completed, you can share this post or recommended other ipad, iphone user to play this game and compete with them.

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