100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 3 and 4

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Update 100 escapers walkthrough level 3 and 4 this level is quite difficult because lot of object need to combined and you have less clue to solve level 3 but with this guide you will pass all level easily and you can play next level solve the puzzle and show share with you friend.


Level 3:

1. pick up sledge hammer behind coffin 2. pick up wire on the wall and magnet on drawer 3. pick up clamp on coffin, use sledge hammer to open coffin, use clamp to pick tooth from skeleton 4. go to pile coffin, use clamp and wire to make hook use the hook to pick yarn 5. below Dracula poster tap hole use tooth + yarn to open screw then use yarn + magnet to pick a lighter 6. use the lighter at coffin beside door you will see a number 94*317 you should guess the missing number 0-9

7. we found code is 946317 use this code to open door


Level 4:

1. pick up finder scope behind the pillow 2. at the table pick up screwdriver and protractor, beside the table pick up tripod and  telescope on trash 3. pick up glasses at door handle, 4. combine telescope and finder scope 5. use screwdriver to pick lens in glasses 6. combine tripod + lens + telescope + protractor put at the window 7. tap telescope set protractor to 165 SW, 133 SW, 67 SE, 24 SE you will see 3 birds, 6 pyramid, 4 cow, 8 jet 8. open bookshelf beside the table using screwdriver tap the middle bookshelf insert code 3648

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9. door open

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