Enigmon 2 Walktrhough Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

This is Enigmon 2 Walktrhough from level 0 to level 10, enigmon is addicting puzzle games, available for iphone, ipod touch and ipad there is several enigmon version:  enigmon, enigmon lite, enigmon free, enigmon 2 lite, and this is enigmon 2. in the lite version there 4  same level with the full version, if you want to try this game download the free version first at apple store before decide to buy the full version.

Enigmon 2 walkthrough help you to get all solution from the first level to 10, in the future i hope the enigmon developer create the enigmon for android platform.

enigmon 2 level 0

enigmon 2 level 0

Level 0: answer 23

enigmon 2 level 1

Level 1: slide up fence the with 3 finger

enigmon 2 level 2

Level 1: tap level and change it to 3

enigmon 2 level 3

Level 3: turn your phone upside down, left and right you will get the answer: show

enigmon 2 level 4

Level 4: rub  below pipe the answer is wasgij

enigmon 2 level 5

Level 5: Play music and the animation will dance

enigmon 2 level 6

Level 6: Contact jonathan, see number above

enigmon 2 level 7

Level 7: type alohomora then tap the magic stick on the top

enigmon 2 level 8

Level 8: Turn on flight mode

enigmon 2 level 9

Level 9: add – between 6 and 4

enigmon 2 level 10

Level 10: the answer is hydrogene


That’s all the enigmon 2  solution for level 1 to 10, if you already pass this level you can share walkthrough with other using comments form.

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