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This is the cheats update for game what’s my IQ, i am very addicted with this game, not like an ordinary iq test game, in this game you will found a weird question and weird answer but this is fun, i suggest you download this game into your iPhone or ipad and try this funny game then you will be addicted. what’s my IQ also available for ipod touch and may be will be available for android very soon.


IQ cheats level 31: slide cloud to the middle


IQ cheats level 32: slide “no smoking” to the middle circle


IQ cheats level 33: face-down your phone


IQ cheats level 34: tap word likes and mistakes


IQ cheats level 35: the answer is 21


IQ cheats level 36: slide “north” into compass then tap


IQ cheats level 37:turn iPhone upside down then slide dart


IQ cheats level 38:move the photo area to the middle, then start catch the star


IQ cheats level 39:move the “CAT” and tap it


IQ cheats level 40:move all camp fire into left then tap it.

that’s all cheats what’s my IQ for today, if you want to get latest update please bookmark this page.

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