Doors and Rooms Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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Doors and Rooms is new puzzle game created by gameday developer, this is the best puzzle game developed for android in this year. Doors and Rooms  designed with good graphic, sound, and there is clue that is easy to understand of course you need to spend few coin to get the clue when stuck at some stage. Doors and Rooms created by good programmer coz we does not see bug like other puzzle game. We recommended you install and play this game on your phone but will be better if you play this game on android tablet with wider screen so you can see all small object, or easy to tap small thing :P. if you already install this game and stuck at chapter 1 Rust Key, we create walkthrough for stage 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 1-9, 1-10.


Stage 1-1: Tap door handle


Stage 1-2: Open door latch below door


Stage 1-3: Pick up hammer on the floor, then open your inventory at top left use the hammer to hit glass box, pick up key open your inventory use key to open door (remember spade = 7)


Stage 1-4: Open the right top drawer then pick up a ball with key inside, open your inventory tap the ball and dismantle it use the key to open door ( remember heart = 3)


Stage 1-5: Pick up battery at right floor, pick up remote left floor, open your inventory tap battery and remote then combine now use remote put in front the hole on the wall, small train come out pick up a key then use it to open door ( remember clover = 2)

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Stage 1-6: Pick up note on the left wall, open your inventory then observe the note see number 2531, use this number to open safe on the right wall, and pick up key use this key to open door ( remember diamond = 9)


Stage 1-7: Pick up box on the floor, open your inventory then dismantle the box use the dynamite bomb put inside the refrigerator and close it, after it explode the door will open.


Stage 1-8: the clue is on the floor “E” tap the key lock on the wall then tap the button similar with letter E, tap door


Stage 1-9: Tap neon on the floor you must make all neon light up some times you need to tap 2 neon at same time, if success you will see key appear from the roof, use the key to open door


Stage 1-10: in this stage you need to remember the previous key shapes (remember spade = 7, remember clover = 2, remember heart = 3, remember diamond = 9) and the answer is 7239.

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