94 Percent Game Answers Level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

My android just downloading a new hot game and now I want to share the 94% game cheats and answers, This game available for android and iOS and this post created for gamer who play using android, because I know that the 94% for iOS only have 30 level and some question are similar with the android version but the level completely different so if you use this 94% game answers for the iphone and ipad then you must find the solutions by it’s question, still useful for both device.

Cheats 94% level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

21. Sounds animals make: Woof Moo Meow Oink Baa
It’s good cooked but not raw: Meat Vegetables Fish Eggs Pasta Rice
Bee and flower picture: Bee Flower Pollen Purple Honey Spring

22. Types of music: Rock Pop Rap Country Jazz Classical Dance Reggae
Things used by a police officer: Gun Handcuffs Car Baton Taser Badge Radio Flashlight
Notebook and mouse at the table: Laptop Glasses Work office Mouse

23. It produces heat: Oven Sun Fire Heater Lamp Body
Something you can no longer live without: Food Phone Water Family Love Air Internet Friends
Girl with cup: Warm Winter Coffee Tea Cup

24. It’s useful for the elderly: Cane Wheelchair Glasses Hearing-aid Love Dentures Medicine
Noise heard in a city: Cars People Sirens Trains music Construction Barking
Jelly fish picture: Jellyfish Ocean Sting Orange Tentacles

25. Something found in the living room: Sofa Television Table Lamp Carpet
Payment methods: Cash Credit-card Check Paypal Wire
Picnic picture: Picnic Family Food Friends Fun

26. Countries in south America: Brazil Argentina Columbia Chile Peru Bolivia Venezuela Paraguay Uruguay
It’s slow. Turtle Snail Traffic Computer Sloth
Log pile pictures: Wood Log Tree Deforestation Forest Fog

27. Green vegetables: Broccoli Peas Cabbage Beans Lettuce Cucumber Spinach Peppers Asparagus
It’s forbidden on a plane: Weapon Smoking Shouting Lighter
Van at beach: Beach Van Vacation Summer Hippie Palm-trees

28. Parts of an airplane: Wing Engine Cockpit Tail Seats Landing-gear Nose Window
Something you do before you go to bed: Brush-teeth Shower Pajamas Pee TV Read Brush-hair
Cactus pictures: Cactus Desert Hot Dry Mountain

29. It smells good: Food Perfume Flower Soap Candle Clean-laundry
Facebook: Friends Social Photos Status Like Messenger Blue Share
Old records: Record Music Old Needle Player Spin

30. Camping: Tent Fire Marshmallows Outdoors Sleeping-bag Family Friends
It makes you feel better when you are sick: Medicine Sleep Soup Love Drink Warmth
Jesus statue picture: Jesus Rio Statue Brazil

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