Escape Game Inn Walkthrough

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Do you play escape game inn and need a guide to complete? Use this escape game inn walkthrough when stuck at nowhere but still curious how to win the game and share the result with other player. A game which developed by Goro Sato for iphone, ipad and ipod very recommended for puzzle game player. I just read so many positive review by player that just finish the game, so if you want to play a good and challenging puzzle game just download every game that created by goro sato in itunes store. To complete this game you must find a way to escape from the room, and it’s not easy because so many puzzle waiting to solve before you can get the clue, stuck in the game? don’t worry read our guide below.


tap pillow and get eyeglass, turn on TV to see clue


open drawer to see clue and button, tap button same with clue on TV


pick up hanger and tissue roll holder beside closet, then separate it


tap left lamp and put the holder


use eyeglass to see a clue : red, blue,red, blue, blue, blue, red, red. go to bathtub then tap handle same with clue 


see clue at left cabinet then put hanger into cabinet


pick up toothbrush, see clue at closet go to wall in front of bed 


put toothbrush, pick up bottle opener, go to chair and tap left chair


change letter to BATH, pick up a handle, go to desk put handle at cooler then pick up bottle


open bottle then fill with water at bathroom

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put bottle to make it balance, pick up button at the middle painting


tap right lamp. separate this thing then put at the right lamp


use eyeglass to see clue : 1076, turn on TV again and see clue. Go to painting see the bird, star, moon, tree (1076) position. Back to the bed then setup the button position 1076 same with object bird, star, moon, tree (bird = middle right, star =  top)   


pick up key then open black door

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