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58 Works just launch a new puzzle game and now I want to share the dooors zero walkthrough level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. With this step by step guide now you can solve all level faster than other player. We found some bugs for nexus user doors zero wont pass the splash screen but this game can be played smoothly using my Samsung galaxy tab 2. If you use nexus family and still want to play dooors zero, so wait next few days because as far I know the developer still fix this problem.


1. slide view right then tap the door.


2. connect all lines by turning the circles.


3. change button position same with diamond form, go left pick up nets, go right, use nets under the arrow to get key, open door.


4. tilt phone left to move ball to right corner and follow it.


5. change the button color same with ball blue, green and red, pick up torch, put at the gasoline then burn, use torch to burn straw.


6. open door which has a dots above it and tap the button, start from 1 dot to 4, then open door beside 4th doors.


7. move unlocked barrel to right corner, see clue on wall black green blue red ( vertical ). change the button color same with clue, move barrel right, then open door.


8. the door is north, so left button from door is W or west then south S and east E, open door.

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9. go to the window, then tilt phone upside down, pick up nail, now use nail to blow all ball, see clue 5130 behind ball, change red dot to 5131 and open door.


10. follow man walking, until you pass the door 3 times, then open door.


11. point blue laser to blue, purple to purple, brown to brown and green to green, then open the door.


12. move the ball until you can see number behind the ball blue 23, red 04, now tap blue button left 2 & right 3 times, tap red button left 0 & right 4 times, open door.


13. tap the pipe to remove the decoy, now the pipe form  number 1715, change square number on the wall to 1715. open door.


14. pick up ballast at the right corner, open using screwdriver, put ballast at the round table, now count the baubles 973, now change number above the round table to 973 (purple, yellow, blue) open door.


15. tilt phone upside down then change button at red white blue wall to purple, red white yellow to brown and blue white yellow to green, open door.


16. got to plank, see the position from the front to end like this : /||- now change the circle direction same with plank /||- open door.


17. find paint in the cabinet, use at the white square on the wall, see clue top : fire, leaf bottom wave and tooth, go to door then change button color top:  red + green, bottom blue + white. open door.

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18. tap two rectangle beside stack and shake phone to make box fall, tap the sound button remember the tone sequence, tap the red button according to the tone clue (see preview), open right door slide handle down then, tap the sound button again, now the tone sequence changed, tap the button again according to the new tone sequence (tap button number : 642531).


19. put screw driver into the table, slide screwdriver right then remember the black and white button position, slide screwdriver left then change the button color same with right wall.


20 go to 4 circle the change direction to make X ( floor clue ), use net to pick up lobster, go to right wall insert torch into liquid / gasoline, see clue 1431, insert lobster into window, then change the number to 1431, open door.

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