March 09 10 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

7 little words solutions for this question:  Agility, having one spouse at a time, complaints of disapproval, hair-dressed to a T, falsely, privileged channels of info, from the same organism, wincing or flinching, endless, interfering, tennis shot, acting up, recommendations, ponders. Now I will share answers for 7 little words daily puzzle March 09 10 2015, this is a simple word game which already played in last 2 years. The daily puzzle contains 7 question that sometime is very difficult to guess because the letters may be aren’t popular, before using cheats or answers you can solve 7 little words daily puzzle using hints but free hints is limited or you can buy the unlimited hints which cost $3. Below is my result after 30 minutes guessing  most difficult word game.

Mar 09 7 Little words daily puzzle

agility 8 letters : SPRYNESS
having one spouse at a time 8 letters : MONOGAMY
complaints of disapproval 10 letters : OBJECTIONS
hair-dressed to a T 7 letters : COIFFED
falsely 11 letters : ERRONEUSLY
privileged channels of info 9 letters : PIPELINES
from the same organism 10 letters : AUTOLOGOUS

Mar 10 7 Little words daily puzzle

wincing or flinching 8 letters : REACTING
endless 9 letters : INCESSANT
interfering 8 letters : MEDDLING
tennis shot 10 letters : BACKHANDER
acting up 11 letters : MISSBEHAVING
recommendations 9 letters : REFERRALS
ponders 6 letters : BROODS

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