Craig Android Tablets Review and Specification

Craig Android Tablets Review and Specification

Among another android tablets in the market, especially for a 7 inch android tablet, Craig android tablet come with a super affordable price in the tablet industry. Coming with in Amazon, sure Craig android tablet is one of the cheapest tablet in the industry. By offering a super affordable price Craig android tablet hope to penetrate into the market by using low cost strategy and try to target customer with lower budget. If you are looking for a tablet just for casual use like reading, wireless utility, surfing, and for the purpose to carry a compact gadget that is easy to carry then this android tablet can be one of your options, especially if you are looking for a tablet with a cheaper price.

Craig Android Tablets Review and Specification
    For a tablet that only cost you Craig android tablet still provide you adequate internet services and the screen display looking quite good enough for you to see when you are surfing on the internet. The positive side of having this tablet is it is easy to carry and can play multimedia function pretty well, like playing video. And it is still convenient enough to use if you are just use it for light browsing activity and checking your email on the internet. But do not compare it with high end tablet in the industry, because by purchasing the tablet with a low cost it means that there will be some limitations for this tablet compared to another high end tablet.

    One of the negative sides of this tablet is the inability of the tablet to run a lot of things at once, because when a lot of things running at the same time the tablet seems to reboot itself. It is pretty annoying if you are doing a lot of things with your tablet and suddenly your tablet seems to reboot itself because of the inability to carry a lot of applications at once. But what do you expect by purchasing a low cost tablet ? With dollars Craig android tablet still seems to worth your money if you are only using it for casual use.

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