Letter Swap Answers Level 1 – 2 Stage 1 – 35 for iPhone and Ipad

Letters swap answers level 1 and 2 a new game by alegrium the best word game and icon game developer at itunes store and android market, to play this game is simple just correct the scrambled letter use the picture as the clue, or you can guess the object inside the picture using the letters.

Level 1

apple fruit red leaf panda bear bamboo tree baby kiss cute hair burger fries fork ketchup
kids hand fingers paint waiter bakery shirt tray sweets chocolate dessert pastry island snorkeling fish underwater
dog puppy cat tongue chicken egg hen rooster cookie gingerbread plate milk dice letters domino chips

Level 2

alphabet palette paintbrush chalk fossil visitor dinosaur museum microwave toaster blender cupboard tennis ball racket yellow
top hat, puppet, suit, bow tie pharmacist drugstore medicine, stethoscope witch broom flying sky movie popcorn 3d glasses cinema
fire fireman hose flame moon citrus cinnamon almond hot dog, bun, mustard, pickle hoop basketball game shoot
frog crown lily pad pond champion medallion wristband victory pizza, slice, mushroom, bell pepper trophy binoculars clock grape
judge wig robe hammer yolk daisy placemat polkadot snowboarding helmet mountain powder orange diver coral flippers
mouse pumpkin tomato whiskers porcelain empress Chinese royals teddy bear, chest, marbles, mitt wallpaper suitcase teacup eyeglasses

letter swap answers completed now you can try level 3 4 5 6 7 by your own because we will update this cheats tomorrow after we can complete 3 level. You can share this post or tweet it to help other player solve this game when they stuck with the word.

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