100 Doors level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

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This is 100 doors walkthrough for level 1 to 10, addicting game that can be played on your android device this game downloaded more than 10000 times in this month that’s mean this game created with good quality graphic and waited by the android gamer.

100 Doors level 1
Push green button
100 Doors level 2
Tap picture pick the key then use it open the door
100 Doors level 3
Tap match egg at same time see preview above
100 Doors level 4
Tap the torch put on the car tilt your phone to make the car at the middle of the door wait 2 minute until it burn
100 Doors level 5
Open the door using two finger slide it right and left, tap the fish at the top right feed bear with fish
100 Doors level 6
Tap red ring until the top at same time.
100 Doors level 7
Shake your phone until stone fall, tilt your phone right until stone hit red button.
100 Doors level 8
Hold the handle bar until the doors opened
100 Doors level 9
Press this color: dark red, orange, orange, red, cyan, orange, lime green, orange, red. the first color character makes word “door color”

100 Doors level 10
pick the stone use it to brake the glass case, tap the axle then use axle cut the wire above the door you will see LRRLLRLR its mean L = left R = Right tap the button LRRLLRLR

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