Android App Development For Beginners

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For anyone that is interested to develop an android applications, we would like to give you some explanations and information’s about android app development for beginners. So you can take some of your time reading our article of beginner’s guide that is directed to share some knowledge about android app development for beginners. So please take your seat comfortably while reading our article. Now without further talk let’s start the tutorial by explaining the basic of Android SDK or Software Development Kit and how to use SDK with eclipse. You do not have to understand Java to catch up with the tutorial but if you are having some knowledge of Java it can be quite helpful.

    First let’s start the tutorial by setting up eclipse and the Android Software Development Kit. First thing to do before the tutorial, start Eclipse. After you already start, select File/New/Project. Then after you select new project, in the New Project dialog make sure to select Android/Android Project. After that click next. If you already do all that then from there you can start a new project. In name box you can type the file name that you want, for example you can type it with “test”. After you done with the name next you have to select the android version that you are going to use.

    After we do all of these things above do not directly jump into starting your project right away. Because before starting you new project you need to do something about the configuration first, you have to create a configuration. Setting a configuration can be pretty fun if you enjoy it, for example setting how the app will be started, control the speed of the network, and to make everything to be good. You can choose different emulators and test the applications with different android version or do it in different screen sizes. After you create configuration, then you have to create emulator. Next create AVD, close the manager window. Click apply and close your configuration, and bam you just created an app. Now you can get start with the code and coding your own app !

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