April 04 05 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

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Answers for 7 little words daily puzzle April 04 and 05 for this question: trembled, good points, starchy thickener, people who meddle, brushlike tuft of hairs, at a previous time, of the joints, clear, clear-cut, Clearing, clear up, clear-headed, clear out, clearly ok. 7 little words is addicting word game, but not easy to solve the puzzle so I create this cheats to help other player solve the game before they give up, with the difficult question. This game not only for android but iphone and ipad user can also play 7 little words in their device. So if you stuck in this game just find the answers at our result below.

April 04 7 little words daily puzzle.


trembled 8 letters : QUIVEREDgood points 9 letters : POSITIVESstarchy thickener 9 letters : ARROWROOTpeople who meddle 10 letters : BUSYBODIESbrushlike tuft of hairs 7 letters : PENICILat a previous time 8 letters : FORMERLY

of the joints 9 letters : ARTICULAR

April 05 7 little words daily puzzle.


clear 9 letters : AUTHORIZEclear-cut 8 letters : DEFINITEClearing 5 letters : GLADEclear up 7 letters : EXPLAINclear-headed 8 letters : RATIONALclear out 6 letters : DEPART

clearly ok 9 letters : COPACETIC

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