One Clue Answers Level 41 – 80

This is update for one clue answers level 41 to 80, this game level different question in every device but you can search the answers by it’s clue to make it easier to find you can use Firefox then press ctrl + F and type the clue then find, or you can use google to search on this web here’s the example : spinning disc one clue just like playing crossword game before using a cheats you can use a hints if credit still available but if there’s no more credit use our solutions below.

often has 3 rings : circus can be the best medicine : laughter alligator fruit: avocado need 8 hour a day : sleep
burn one and only : candle letter holder : envelope where needles can hide : haystack psychic ability : esp
suburban transport : minivan holey food : donut bicycle for two : tandem spinning disc : frisbee
breath saver : mint little mermaid : ariel lead dispenser : pencil sentence ender : period
clothing options : wardrobe where bats live : caves roman ruler or salad : caesar full of key : piano
not positive : negative salt’s best friend : pepper uncle’s son : cousin 3rd planet from the sun : earth
25 : boxer’s weapon of choice : fists piggy house material : straw crazy hair genius : Einstein snowy shelter : igloo
annoying blood sucker : mosquito 70’s dance clubs : disco catching some waves : surfing girl’s best friend : diamond
shoes for a cowboy : boots water and dirt : mud luxurious fabric : silk tennis with paddles : pingpong
fork spoon hybrid : spork home for animals : barn baby game : peekaboo pitching a tent : camping

Solving one clue using this cheats or answers will be faster but it’s also reduce the fun of playing word game, so before using a cheat we hope you try to solve it using any other method that still need a effort to get the answers. But when no more way to solve this game then use it and try to solve other level by your own. If you want to share your result or help other player you can visit our facebook page and discuss this game with other player.

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