What’s the Brand Answers Album 3

This is it what’s the brand answers for the album 3, we already complete 3 album in this game each album contains 50 level and we post 1 album per post, if you need the answers for lower level use the search form at top right of this page. Nothing difficult in this level i guess you can complete 90% brands in this part, use this solutions for the 10% brands to help you continue play this game.

1 : axa2 : bayer3 : bbc4 : bic
5 : cadillac6 : camper7 : champion8 : chanel
9 : chrysler10 : dodge11 : dragon12 : fanta
13 : gm14 : goodyear15 : google16 : guinness
17 : hbo18 : hilton19 : innout20 : knleenex
21 : lays22 : lego23 : lg24 : mg
25 : nestle26 : nikita27 : nintendo28 : nvidia
29 : opera30 : porsche31 : prada32 : rayban
33 : renault34 : smart35 : sony36 : subway
37 : tdk38 : thq39 : tom tom40 : unilever
41 : ups42 : vodafone43 : winston44 : xerox
45 : acer46 : barclays47 : bt48 : burberry
49 : burton50 : cartier

What’s the brand album 3 completed, we hope next level harder to guess to make us little bit challenged when answers a brand logo. this game is fun to play on you android tablet but unfortunately still not available for iphone or ipad right now. Please download what’s the brand from trusted source to avoid malware and virus infect your device.

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