100 Doors 2 Level 81 82 83 84 85

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This week we just want to complete 100 doors 2 and now we want to share walkthrough for level 81 82 83 84 85, yes only 5 level less level will make this page load faster and mobile browser will not stuck after load too many images at one page. To solve a level in this game is not difficult it just need a little bit patient and luck, sometimes we found the way after tap anything at the screen we hope you try this method before using a cheats or guide create by other player.


100 doors 2 level 81 : pick up wrench on the floor then use to hit warrior head, unplug the spark plug and slide warrior left.


100 doors 2 level 82 : pick up faucet handle at the left sink, put handle at the left faucet tap red button below the right sink to turn off fan now tap left faucet wait until steam comes out then tap fan button again, number 31 show at the left mirror, pick up other faucet handle under the right sink at the floor then do the same with 1st step to see other number ( 67 ) use code 3167 to open key lock .


100 doors 2 level 83 : tilt phone upside down then shake it, a shovel will fall pick it up then use it to remove snow ( slide diagonally from bottom left to top right).


100 doors 2 level 84 : turn the wheel to open number 8753, stop when you can see the key pad, insert the number and go.

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100 doors 2 level 85 : pick up sword under the warrior, pick up rock then use to hit bear then hit bear with sword warrior will give you a key.

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