Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough Level 1 2 3 4 5

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Can you escape adventure walkthrough, this is a new puzzle game by mobigrow a famous game developer for android and iOS they already create several best quality puzzles game, to make it easier now we share the guide to complete 5 level in this game, follow our steps and you will be able to complete all level in this game


Can you escape adventure level 1. pick up bulb at the corner light, then pick up bulb holder at the shelf, go to desk, combine bulb and the holder then put into reading lamps, see the number at the paper I II V, now back to right shelf tap 3 red books, change the number to 1 2 5, pick up handle and back to the desk  tap use handle to open globe and pick up a key.


Can you escape adventure level 2. pick up stick at the left statue and mop beside clock, tap sphinx and pick up handle tap container beside door, put handle on it and then open. pick up tape, remember the number 27 now combine stick and mop, then combine again with tape, tap fan use mop stick to loose fan, remember  the number 61, tap the man painting open key using code 2761, pick up key and open door.


Can you escape adventure level 3. tap right boxes, pick up hook and lever, tap bottom right corner and pick up knife, tap left boxes use knife to open middle box pick up chain and combine with hook, tap left corner put lever into the panel ( on/off) tap middle top pulley then put the hook, tap right corner then push the green button, garage door opened

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Can you escape adventure level 4. tap right seat and pick up pliers, tap baggage above the seat and pick up screwdriver, tap left seat pick up paper remember the dots position now tap baggage above the left seat : left to right button ( x1 x6 x3 x5 x1 x4 ) pick up bag, tap top vent use screwdriver to remove bolt then use pliers to fix cable, go to door open panel and tap wheel inside door open.


Can you escape adventure level 5. tap right corner, tap curtain and pick up stick, go to fireplace use stick to pick up quarter circle, pick up candle at the table and lit on candle at fireplace go to left corner, tap curtain now use candle at the window and remember the clue L-L-D-U-D-R-U ( L = left, R = Right, U = up, D= down ) now back to the table tap arrow L-L-D-U-D-R-U, pick up half key, tap the left chair pick up paper, put the paper at the painting above fireplace ( see red square ), tap left carpet corner ( under the chair) tap random to find red square once you found the red square button the next button will shine, tap the next button and see other button shine follow it until all square button shine, then pick up key head and combine it with the half key, use this to open door.

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