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I just got new update for 94% game now we can play level 121 to 125 with this question : Annoying sounds, A country in Africa, Sea rocks picture, Exercises, Cleaning supplies, A dna picture, English words that begin with “ph”, Japanese words in English, Green hills picture, Famous dogs, A country in Asia, Fishing picture, Your biggest fears, Water, Woman stomach picture. Now I want to share the cheats and answers, This game available for android and iOS and this post created for gamer who play using android, because I know that the 94% for iOS now have 130 level and some question are similar with the android version but the level completely different so if you use this 94% game answers for the iPhone and ipad then you must find the solutions by it’s question, still useful for both device.

Annoying sounds : Screaming, Snoring, Chewing, Horn, Farting, Crying, Alarm, Barking
A country in Africa : Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Chad
Sea rocks picture : Water, Sky, Sand, Beach, Rocks

Exercises : Squats, Running, Lunges, Pull ups, Jumping jacks, Sit ups, Push ups
Cleaning supplies : Bucket, Sponge, Window cleaner, Water, Mop, Bleach, Broom, Soap, Cloth
A dna picture : Cells, Science, Blue, Genetics, Dna

English words that begin with “ph” : Photo, Phrase, Pharmacy, Phone, Physical, Phantom, Physics, Phase, Philosophy
Japanese words in English : Karate, Kimono, Anime, Sushi, Haiku, Karaoke
Green hills picture : Path, Bush, Grass, Green, Mountain

Famous dogs : Lassie, Snoopy, Beethoven, Toto, Pluto, Clifford, Scooby doo
A country in Asia : Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, India, North Korea, Mongolia, Japan, China
Fishing picture : Rod, Fishing, Water, Bait

Your biggest fears : Sharks, Dark, Snakes, Failure, Heights, Spiders, Ghosts, Clowns, Death
Water : Bed, Park, Melon, Gun, Fountain, Bottle, Fall, Polo, Balloon, Slide
Woman stomach picture : Belly button, Stomach, Skinny, Fit, Woman

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