100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

100 doors of revenge walkthrough for the last 9 level available, may be you ask in your mind why only 9? this is because this developer not added new level until today. may be they will add new level in next few day if you read their promises on Facebook page. we found some error on level 16 only happen with my galaxy s5570 cannonball will disappear when closer with rock.


Level 16: pick up cannonball and put on cannon then tap it quickly to shoot rock, if hit pick up key and use it to open door.

Level 17: pick up spray paint, use blue paint on letter S, red paint for letter W, green paint for letter A and blue paint for letter G.

Level 18: to make ball hit button you must slide ball, just follow red arrow on preview above.

Level 19: Shake your phone until chair fall, pick up rail and put in front train and slide train right. now you must count train window which is: 342, use this number to open door pad.

Level 20: pick up fly swatter wait fly landed on paint lid before hit it, if success you will see number 1013 use this number to open door pad.

Level 21: if you see the patterns x=3 and y=2 the answer code is 333 and 22.

Level 22: in this level you must tap spider and count how many times you tap until it climb, the answer is 3759.

Level 23: see roman number on the door you must sum left and right number you will have 10 10 10 and 20. use this code to open door pad 10101020.

Level 24: find number hidden from the top to bottom. you will found 698820, use this number to open door pad.


you can play other challenging game, while waiting for 100 doors of revenge new level, and we will update new solution or walkthrough to help you complete this game.

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