12 Tips Photograph with Smart Phone Camera

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Mobile phones have changed their name to smart phones because of the additional features beyond the capabilities of normal mobile phones. One of it is the addition of a camera. Quite a lot of Smartphone users rely on a camera phone for documentation and photography. However, many of those who are not happy with the results.

They often complain the quality of the picture. Want to know how to make great shots with a Smartphone? Here are 12 tips from a multimedia journalist and a street photographer who use iPhone, Richard Koci Hernandez.

1. It’s a matter of lighting. Take photos in good light conditions early morning or late afternoon this make possibility result to be fabulous!

2. Do not use the zoom feature. Results zooming of very bad phone and could be the beginning of a bad outcome. If you want to get the image closer, come closer with your legs, not with the zoom button.

3. Locks exposure and focus. With the default camera application, tap / tap and hold the Shutter button. When the sign flashing box, meaning that exposure and focus are locked. New take pictures by pressing the shutter button or remove the full finger from the screen.

4. Edit, edit, edit. Hold yourself, do not share all of your shots. Post or share only the good results to followers, for example in Instagram. “We do not want to see 1000 photos of your child, show the best only!”

5. Do not get too technical, Practice your ability to make observations.

6. Learn to observe and look in more depth. Filters can not replace good eye. Note the moment, light, and its object. If you are going to add sepia, black and white, or other filters later, go ahead. For the purposes of journalism, you should leave the name filter.

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7. Secretly snap to get natural results. Perform shooting silent object that people do not know that the picture was taken. The tendency of a person to find out that being photographed is the style: the results are very natural.

8. Create targets and deadlines. Take 20 images for one object from different angles. You will see that the world looks different when viewed from different angles. Even if you just walked around a cup of coffee in the kitchen, you will see different angles and lighting fell on him.

9. Know what you want to look before you can see it. Make a list of what you want and find the photos today. This method will hone your intuition and experience.

10. Learn how other photographers work. How to take pictures of other photographers will be a source of inspiration for you. Many things that were previously unthinkable became clear after observation. ATM: observe, imitate, modify to get better results.


11. Always be ready. Make sure when your heart and mind say “Shoot!”, Your camera ready pressed. Do not let the camera / cell phone still in his pants pocket, in a purse, or a miss in the toilet.

12. Have a cell phone or Smartphone cameras. Eleven tips above are useless without the last tips.