100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 25 26

100 rooms games was updated few day a go, and we try to update our 100  rooms walkthrough for level 25 and 26, sorry for this update actually 100 rooms has updated until level 30 but we only update two level and will continue other level tomorrow this happen because we need to concern with our server that has been disabled from frogh*st after my account hacked and used for spamming, now we move this web to new server, sorry this is little bit late.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 25 26

100 Rooms level 25: pick a tissue and roll stand, pick up a yellow flower at the window, pick all object near bed at the floor (see picture 4) go to door put tissue roll stand, then put all object start from 1 to 7.

100 Rooms Walkthrough Level 25 26

100 Rooms level 26: pick goggles near door, use it to see inside pool then pick a box in the pool, find the key on a bucket, open the box you will get the clue. go to coal heater pick spoon use it to pick water at bucket then put on coal to make a steam, you will se number at the mirror above it combine with the clue you get inside the box you will get 545894 use this code to open door.

that’s update for 100 game, i hope you enjoy play this game, bookmark this page to get next update

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