100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 19 and 20

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a little confusing level from 100 escapers has been solve so this is our walkthrough update for level 19 and 20, but the level 20 is adopted from 100 rooms level 49 so we can easily find the solution on this level. if you stuck in this level you can see the walkthrough below.


Level 19:

1. pick up plunger beside toilet 2. pick up gloves and screwdriver at plant pot and pick up shovel inside drawers. 3. underneath desk you will see 5+7 = 12 4. combine plunger and screwdriver to make a handle, combine shovel with this handle 5. use gloves to pick up yarn in the toilet 6. use the shovel to plant pot under the curtain you get paper 2+2*2 = 6 7. tap top left curtain there is 5 square now see clue on the window 8. go to safe and use 5612 you got magnet, combine magnet with yarn 9. use magnet with yarn to pick a key in front of the door

10. use key to open door.

Level 20:

1. pick up torch then light it using torch on the wall, 2. pick up book and fire it using torch you will get knife, 3. fire curtain using torch go to 2 lion head statue, 4. burn knife using torch then use it open plate below lion head, 5. burn metal plate then bend using thongs and cut using knife, 6. put 1 plate below the bookcase and put other metal plate below pharaoh statue.

7. go to door put fuel drums below right torch see picture 13 now light railing below using torch.

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