This Plus That – Pic Combo Answers Level 1 – 40

Now we want to recommend to you another game similar with pic combo or pic mix, this game named This Plus That – Pic Combo developed by conversion. This game created with good graphic and easy navigation, we try this game at our galaxy tab and everything normal no error or lag. When play this game you can use coins to reveal a letters or remove it, but if you has run out your coins we already create This Plus That – Pic Combo answers for level 1 to 40.

Level 1

bed and watch cat and fish cow and dog eye and cup
fire and arm fish and bowl fox and hole labyrinth and hog
pan and cake watch and dog

Level 2

fence and bird key and stone sea and food hand and cuff
rose and woods arm and chair back and fire keyboard and face
ear and drum bird and gold

Level 3

cross and tape cup and cake flag and ship fog and horn
coin and fish hay grass and thorn wire tree and yard star and fish
snow and ball skull and cap

Level 4

saw and horse hair and Buddha pen and wheel rail and road
pole and cat pink cloud and eye giraffe and tie milk and man
heart and flu lock and shark

This Plus That solutions completed, if you already play higher level than ours you can post your result at our Facebook pages to help other player complete this game.

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