100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57

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New update 100 doors of revenge walkthrough for level 41 to 57 to help you complete this game when you stuck and cannot continue to next level, some level are easy to solve but maybe there’s level that make you can’t go through, that’s why we create guide for this game.


Level 41: unlock code is reversed number from smallest to big  56792335


Level 42: the first shape angle is 90 degree, 2nd shape 45 degree and 45 degree, 3rd shape 60 degree.


Level 43: rev volume cell phone to full.


Level 44: slide top plank right until end then slide bottom plank left until end.


Level 45: 1st knight move forward passing 76 and 49, 2nd knight moves passing 17 and 89. unlock code is 76491789


Level 46: tap button corresponding to morse code.


Level 47: number of letters D = 4 and O = 15 so the unlock code 10041515.


Level 48: put ball on the track then tilt phone upside down: 2 green 1 blue 3 red.


Level 49: set box like letter L then tap red button, set box like letter Y then tap red button, set box like letter J then tap red button.


Level 50: set planet same with preview above.


Level 51: tap to change square color same with preview above.


Level 52: first domino number 5 second domino number 2  third domino 2 and fifth domino 6, unlock code 5226.


Level 53: pick up hammer use it to hit crack wall on top and right, then pick up blue dish and put on the scale, slide alarm right then use hammer to hit button on floor.

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Level 54: pick up all button on the floor, then put behind blue red and green circle but must match the form.


Level 55: move blue ball with 1 rubber to number 1, move ball with 2 rubber to number 2, move ball with 3 rubber to number 3, move ball with 4 rubber to number 4.


Level 56: tap picture start from number 1 to 6.


Level 57: tap handle to change direction same with preview above.

this is the last level available for this week, gipnetix game will add new level in next few days. please check this website when new level added.