Scratch and Guess Logo Answer Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 pack 2

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this is the Scratch and Guess Logo answer for pack 2, in this pack there’s six level world brands logo each level contains 12 to 21 logos that you must guess each logo name or brand. But if you have difficulties to guess you can use hints, each logo has 3 hints if you can’t solve it after use all hint you can see our answer here, then you can continue to next level using our solution.


Level 1 pack 2: some hints

company for baking powder, cake mixes, pudding = dr oetker
brand of vodka = Smirnoff


Level 2 pack 2: some hints brand of potato and wheat-based snacks = Pringles brand of scotch whisky = Johnnie walker company for clothing for men, women, teenagers and children Sweden 1947 = h&m

brand of denim jeans = lee


Level 3 pack 2: some hints

public service broadcasting corporation, united kingdom 1927 = BBC


Level 4 pack 2: some hints

making products such as lighters, pens, shaving razors = bic multi national technology and consulting corporation = IBM family of milk beverage products, united states 1948 = nesquick television medical drama = house

largest family-owned spirits company = bacardi


Level 5 pack 2: some hints

toy and juvenile-products = toys r us italian fashion label specializing in luxury goods for men and women = prada chocolate bar distributed by the mars confectionery = milkyway

smart tv platform from Google cp-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech = google tv


Level 6 pack 2: some hints

American animated sitcom = the Simpsons specialized agency of the united nations = unesco  the corporation makes luggage = samsonite

company manufacturing batteries for global automotive industries = varta

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that’s all scratch and guess logo answer for pack 2, we will create the pack 3 in few hour, please share this answer with you friends.

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