What’s the Word : 4 Pics 1 Word Answer

This is another 4 pics 1 words game created by Emerging Games because this game very fun and addicting so we create what’s the word answer for this version too, and many android user also download this version and they leave good feedback. Help or solution for word game always needed by new player but if you expert with scrabble game may be you can easily complete this game without using cheats or hints.

cat chips nails
word play lipstick

cat, volley = jump frog, lake, sign = marsh dollar, calculator = bill

soup, car, mail = junk love, couple = date map, monitor, sun = world

2 cup, 2 bird = couple key mouse

car, band, fruit = jam mouse, punch, key = hand yes, match = choice

us, canada = flag tape, cup = white hand, dubai = palm

hen, hand, tap = cock car, speedometer = scale apple, girl = green

watermelon, caps, bike fish, food = dish cow, straw = hay

candle, santa, snow run clump, dog, smile

orange q, r, mail = letter man, baby = suit

glass goat, man, bee = beard cat, girl = pink

candy bug hand, bottle, dog = shake

note, guitar, girl = music

that’s guide start from level 1 to level 40, if you already pass this level please share you result with us using facebook and twitter

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