Little Riddles Answers Level 401 – 450

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Hello, do you still need a little riddles answers? well we just complete more 50 level of this challenging game and now we post it here to help other player get the right riddles solutions, so they can continue play this game. We found several version of little riddles game at Google play store, but this version is the first and already downloaded by a thousand iOS and android gamers or we can say that this version is the most famous riddles game.


level 401: You do this into someone’s ear when you want to be discreet : whisper
level 402: People in love will often become this : married level 403: What dentists battle on a daily basis : cavities

level 404: Boxers do this for a living and kids do it in the backseat for free : fight
level 405: This noble creature has the embarrassing inability to get up once it’s been flipped onto its back : turtle
level 406: Without this, eating food and Steven Spielberg’s career would be very different : jaws

level 407: If you need a night out, call one of these over to take the little ones off your hands for a while : babysitter
level 408: Temporary evidence of where you’ve been strolling : footprint
level 409: A fashion statement whose name sounds like the upper part of a mobile war machine : tanktop
level 410: These are needed to finish a test : answers
level 411: When you are a child you are forced to take them. When you are an adult you want to take them : naps
level 412: Can be achieved in a car or as a position during conflict : neutral
level 413: The surname of the only famous British spy : bond
level 414: A wave of white powdery destruction that is a skier’s worst nightmare : avalanche
level 415: According to the music industry, you can count on a midnight train and the devil to turn up here : georgia
level 416: Some adults still use these to count : finger
level 417: Probably the most laid-back member of the animal kingdom : sloth
level 418: A reaction to being spooked that takes its name from water-fowl : goosebumps
level 419: A republican whose name is synonymous with “glove” : mitt
level 420: Gumby and yoga instructors have this in common : flexyble
level 421: It’s where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. Not to mention the waving wheat : oklahoma
level 422: Snowwhite was friendly with seven of them : dwarf
level 423: A seasonal fashion statement named for the weather it’s worn in : sundress
level 424: The ones in the sea are prickly, but the ones on the street might pickpocket you : urchin
level 425: This person has left the building : elvis
level 426: If you can get this professional’s attention you can get where you need to go.. .for a price : taxi
level 427: Vikings use this for warmth : pelt
level 428: Fans of the Pied Piper’s smooth sound who are feared by elephants : mice
level 429: One more than a duet : trio
level 430: A mighty weapon in the war against winged household pests : flyswatter
level 431: Can be done to buttons and shopping carts : push
level 432: The French word for ’fun size’ in women’s clothing : petite
level 433: Candy that allegedly tastes like refracted light : skittles
level 434: Old people and owls are said to be this : wise
level 435: Boats with holes and dirty dishes have this in common : sink
level 436: The surname of Cinderella’s boyfriend : charming
level 437: Don’t do this in the shallow end : dive
level 438: A tangly game and a destructive weather phenomenon : twister
level 439: Edible items purchased in large quantities : groceries
level 440: A doctor might remove one from the neck of a Dracula victim : fang
level 441: You could do this to a motion, see it on a watch, or place this in a race : second
level 442: Watches students at the prom to make sure there’s no funny business : chaperone
level 443: Makes arrows fly and kites soar : string
level 444: Whipping one of these out in the wrong setting is said to be terrible luck : umbrella
level 445: The weapon of choice to create the biggest shock : stungun
level 446: Cows do this to salt and humans do it to ice cream : lick
level 447: Describes a gorgeous woman and an excellent punch : knockout
level 448: Other terms for this handy device include doohicky, doo-dad, and whatchyamacallit : gadget
level 449: The most common hour to have a gunfight in a western : noon
level 450: Olympians use this to get high : pole

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If you can’t get the right answer with in this page please upload your level screenshot to our facebook page we will glad to help other player which stuck on this game. But make sure if you play the same little riddles version with us.