100 Doors 2014 Walkthrough Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Update 100 doors 2014 walkthrough new 10 level guide added to help you solve this game, this is fun puzzle game if you doesn’t have it i recommended you to play this game on your android tablet or cell phone. although this game design is not as good as other 100 doors but logic or math used in this game is easy to understand, one lacked of this game is not using sound, but still interesting.

Level 11: tap door bell and remember the circle change color patterns then tap corresponding to the patterns.

Level 12: clue in the code pad 2 circle, 3 star, 1 X, 3 square , X = 5, circle = 4, star = 1, square = 2. answer is 8356.

Level 13: count yellow, blue, red and green dots, answer is 1342.

Level 14: tap each button and count circle color changes, the answer is 2413.

Level 15: collect 4 pieces or paper to get clue, the answer is tap clock, door handle, green circle, and clock.

Level 16: put your phone on flat area then navigate ball to green area by tilt it slowly, tap button to lock ball position.

Level 17: shake your phone, pick up ball and put in the hole then tilt your phone upside down.

Level 18: tilt your phone left and right to move floor mat and painting then tap button behind floor mat and painting.

Level 19: move painting, clock and red circle to cover dots.

Level 20: clue on the door, it’s alphabetical orders c = 3, d = 4, i = 9, h = 8, Cidh = 3948 use this code to open lock pad.


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