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Well 100 doors 2 beta is not a difficult games, because we just complete more than 40 level in just 1 hour, to solve every level in this game we just tap, shake, tilt and everything that possible until we got a clue or key so if you want to solve this game by your own effort just do like we do. But some times new player miss a little thing so they stuck and try to use cheats when solve 100 doors 2 beta, that’s the reason we post this guide.

level 21. find 6 candy stick in this room then insert into door.

level 22. pick up bulb on the floor then insert into holder at the top, pick up crowbar and use it to open door.

level 23. tap start button then count how many red car, yellow car and green car pass screen : 243, use this code to open door.

level 24. pick up long stick, tap it then tap short stick pick up the result and use to remove water from floor.

level 25. in this level you must sum the book top row, middle row, and bottom row : 4 + 6 = 10, 2 + 3 = 5, 5 + 7 = 12 now use code 10 5 12 to open door.

level 26. pick up hamster / mouse then put at the wheel and wait until battery full.

level 27. to turn all circle to green you must tap : bottom left, top left, above bottom right, top right, bottom left, above bottom left.

level 28. shake your android until axe fall then use axe to break bottom box, pick up bomb and put at the door, pick up detonator above box then put at the bomb.

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level 29. slide kettlebell above the box release it, repeat until box broken then pick up key under the board, use key to open door.

level 30. pick up spark plug on the floor then combine it with wire and plug it now count the blinking lights :  3 2 4 1 5.

level 31. count triangle shape in each flag : 0841, use this to open door.

level 32. rotate the circle, when there’s vertical hole quickly tap the laser button.

level 33. tap this : knight, king, bishop, pawn.

level 34. punch board left or right until each board in the middle then tap red button to release it, you must release all board before open the door.

level 35. pick up shovel then tap faucet, until you can see rainbow dig soil at the end rainbow, pick up coin then insert into the hole beside door.

level 36. A = 11 (row 1, column 1) X = 46 ( row 4, column 6) so OPEN + DOOR = 34 44 12 24 + 41 34 34 25 = 75784649.

level 37. tilt phone left and right to see 4 paint can, pick up all can then insert into paint mixer now tap the color : red, purple, blue, light blue, green, yellow , red.

level 38. pick up wrench and oil bottle from the floor, use wrench to open bolt at the wheel then fill the hole ( at the wheel ) with oil then put bolt again and tighten, rotate the wheel (rub) until door open.

level 39. tap wheel and remember it’s number a = 1, b = 5, c = 3, d = 6. open door using code 1536.

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level 40. open refrigerator and pick up sausage then put at bowl, open container with cross symbol then pick up bottle and put at bowl.

More level still available to play so don’t give up when you cannot found the clue just try to think out of the box, we guarantee all level are possible to solve without using cheats or walkthrough but you must be patient and try to tap all object. Did you know you can share your result after playing 100 doors 2 beta to our facebook page? join our fan pages and share your knowledge.