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100 Christmas gifts a simple and fun game to greet Christmas, after we complete 10 level solution for this game now we update more walkthrough to help you solve this game level, because we found some bug in this game especially if you play this game using Smartphone with screen size 240×320 this can make you frustrated. Because some round object become oval, like a clock :P.


Level 11: slide tree, follow the arrow direction, see preview above.


Level 12: shake your phone, then tap snowman it will be smaller and tap again until disappear.


Level 13: Complete the Santa puzzle, above is the right picture. follow this preview to complete level 13.


Level 14: insert presents into sack start from yellow, green, red, purple and blue.


Level 15: move Santa hat, to the door: top yellow, red, green and bottom blue.


Level 16: move nutcracker from the star, then tap and hold star until it move to the top Christmas tree.


Level 17: assembling puzzle start from head, right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot.


Level 18: tap button when arrow point to top. tilt phone left and tap button, tilt phone right then tap button, turn phone upside down then tap button, tilt phone left then tap button.


Level 19: point clock first then put the Christmas ball, point clock to 1 then put the ball with 1 star, point clock to 3 then put the ball with 3 star, point clock to 5 then put the ball with 5 star, point clock to 7 then put the ball with 7 star.

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Level 20: count each object rotation, bell = 6, snowman 9, Santa chariot = 4, Santa Hat = 8

100 Christmas gifts available with 25 level we will update new solutions in next few hour, please bookmark this website if you need more walkthrough / solution. Please download this game from Google Play Store to avoid malware or virus.

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