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Escape from work walkthrough level 1 to 9 a new game by mobigrow for android puzzle game player, you should use this walkthrough if cannot found an important tools / clue.  For an puzzle game geek level 1 to 3 can be solve less than 1 minute but we know many new player that stuck in level 3 so they come to this page to find the solutions, solve this game using a cheats can make you win the game faster but will be little bit less challenging, so please use only when you really need a guide and do not solve all level using a cheats.


Escape from work level 1.1. tap wood cylinder, set hole at arrow pick up cutter2. pick up cutter parts behind book, then combine with cutter 3. use cutter to open window and see clue   4. open drawer using clue triangle square circle diamond, pick up key

5. open door


Escape from work level 2.1. tap freezer pick up milk and ladle2. pick up stick3. pick up gloves4. use ladle to pick up key from jar5. use gloves to hit mannequin see clue _ _ _ 926. use key to open cabinet, flush book with milk to see number 762, combine with clue from mannequin 762927. go to left door, use code 76292 to open and get hammer, combine with stick

8. use hammer to open padlock then open door.


Escape from work level 3.1. go to right view2. tap box, pick up cog wheel and see clue3. open clock pick up 2nd cog wheel, put 1st cog wheel then 2nd cog wheel in this clock, get 2nd clue 5 : 104. go to left room, change the ballast direction same with clue from box, pick up sand watch5. set clock to 5:10 get a key6. use key to open cabinet at right view, pick up bottle combine with sand watch

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7. put sand watch here to open door.


Escape from work level 4.1. pick up hook2. go to desk, set fish from small to big get rifle, combine with hook3. go to hole shot to pick up box, pick up fish feed4. put fish feed here, tap paper and see fish color5. go to right view, open cabinet and pick up wheel and handle then combine it

6. put wheel, move blue handle to left then tap number 1, move red handle to left then tap number 2, move yellow handle to left then tap 3.


Escape from work level 5.1. see clue at the red circle, pick up key & ink inside drawer2. go to right room3. change the picture top : hand, middle : back, bottom : leg. pick up tattoo machine4. open safe using code 2964 and key, pick up tattoo machine parts and see clue. combine all tattoo machine parts then combine with ink5. use tattoo machine at the paper, pick up paper

6. put paper then tap number 4 2 6 8 (a clue from safe)


Escape from work level 6.1. use clue B2C1 from map to open napalm box, pick up napalm2. go to table pick up army toy and shotgun3. pick up cup, combine with toy army4. put cup at fireplace, put napalm, pick up cup5. insert metal from cup into mold, pick up the metal result6. open cabinet pick up bullet shell7. put shell and metal at the pressure tool, and tap once, pick up bullet and combine with shotgun

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8. use shotgun to make hole at the door.


Escape from work level 7.1. go to right view2. tap piano pick up knife and see clue : red, yellow, blue, orange3. tap on-off then tap color from clue red, yellow, blue, orange. get a disc4. pick up flute5. use knife to open speaker and get a magnet6. put disc at gramophone then play, get a paper, tap paper twice7. put paper and remember the notes8. use notes to open guitar case, pick up string then combine with magnet9. open tank, use flute to move snake, use magnet to pick up notes

10. use notes to open door.


Escape from work level 8.1. solve jigsaw / puzzle, pick up cd2. insert cd, pick up broken film at red circle3. see clue : microphone, disc, camera, tape4. use clue to get film roll5. put film roll, put broken film, pick up scissors then use to fix film, pick up film roll6. put film roll, and see clue 03 07 19857. insert number 03071985, pick up smiley8. tap right view9. put smiley and tap lighting, use scissor to cut background and pick up key

10. use key to open door.


Escape from work level 9.1. pick up chisel2. remember doll clothes and head facing left / right3. remember doll clothes and head facing left / right4. change the doll facing : right, left, front, left, front. pick up hammer and jigsaw5. pick up stick, combine with hammer head, open box use chisel and hammer to pick up eyeball6. put eyeball at the doll, change direction ( left to right, right to left ) until you get 2nd jigsaw part, combine jigsaw7. put jigsaw then arrange the direction ( see clue ), get key

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8. open door.

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