100 Doors level 31 to level 40 walkthrough

Update 100 doors level 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 ,39, 40 to solve all this level may be is not easy so we create walkthrough to help you complete 100 doors game. This game available at Google play store for free you can download this game if you don’t have it before.

100 doors level 31
Tilt your phone upside down, pipe fall use it on circle on right then turn it until door open
100 doors level 32
Tap A = 3 times, tap B = 1 times, tap C = 2 times, tap D= 4 times.
100 doors level 33
Shake your phone key will fall, pick and use it to open door

100 doors level 34
Tap square til it show number 33
100 doors level 35
100 doors level 36
Tap this number: 6 8 8 1 5 10 8 9

100 doors level 37
Tap donkey, monkey, elephant, cow, goat.
100 doors level 38
tap button follow the arrow but when you tap right side battery must be moved to the right or when you tap left side battery must move to the left. 3x mean tap 3 times and so on.
100 doors level 39
Tap the circle on the left red, white, red on the right red, black, black.

100 doors level 40
Tap the square follow this: ADDGCDEFBDCE

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